Glitch's Corner

Let's talk about the state of the internet.

August 12 2022

To put it simply, I'm unhappy. I'm unhappy how corporations have taken over the internet. They have turned it into this money making machine when the internet was meant to be people creating things, not corporations.

They have ruined the decentralized nature of the internet and the yesterweb. There isn't much places for private citizens on the internet anymore due to there corporations and companies. Having companies control the internet is also a bad idea because they can easily get away with a 19 million dollar fine when they make billions a year.

Don't even get me started on "advertisers". It's a thing that should not exist, they are the reason why there is no privacy on the web anymore, considering their trackers are in a majority of web traffic. Overall, the state of the internet right now is horrible. Let's change it together and make the web of yesterday the web of today.