Glitch's Corner

Modern Crypto Anarchist Manifesto

December 24 2022

A specter is haunting the modern world, the specter of crypto anarchy.

As it stands, in the year 2022 we are slowly losing our privacy to greedy corporations and tyrannical governments. The ban of strong encryption in Australia was a turning point for the governments of the world to push against encryption and keeping secrets from them.

Corporations sit there and take our information for money and power, they turn some information into the government for less consequences once caught and the government gives a tiny slap on the wrist once the corporation is caught.

Meanwhile, the users of those platforms are silenced and refused any customization of their "profiles" and "accounts". The users are manipulated to stay on for unhealthy amounts of time in order to collect more information to sell and once that information is sold, the bots behind the adverts gear related advertisments onto the user for even more information and money.

As more and more information is gained and sold, the more the user has less freedom and privacy. Those who take privacy seriously are labelled as "paranoid freaks" by society and the more social media addiction becomes normalized.

The more privacy violations are normalized, the more and more those who stand up against them are imprisoned or killed without any backlash and the amount of cypherpunks has fallen greatly due to the privacy violations being more and more "normal".

This document is calling for a revolution against centralized platforms, governments and privacy violators.
Arise, for you have nothing to lose but your barbed wire fences!